Thursday, April 30, 2009

The lost Parisian postcards...

I had a memory jump up and bite me in the ass earlier in the week. I remember flicking through a set of postcards in the bottom drawer of my parents room when I was a kid. I remembered them being of slightly framed ladies with big patterned dresses on. I remembered I used to sit on the floor and look at them for ages. This memory is easily 20 years old. Haven't thought of it in all that time. We still have the drawers so I curiously opened the bottom drawer to see if my memory was serving me correctly. I sifted around for a while and there they were...

This one I have cleverly named Snow Lady and she is one of my favourites.

Opening this bottom drawer turned out to be a pandoras box of pictures I had not seen before. Seeing pictures of myself as a little girl made me ache to be tiny again, and brought on a strong realisation that time waits for no one. Now every second that ticks on my annoyingly-loud-but-beautiful SWATCH watch reminds me that my life is another second closer to ending.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today we buried my fathers ashes under the Japanese maple in the island of our pond. A year ago he died of a brain tumor which he had become aware of three weeks prior.
I have had a good year despite missing my father like crazy, but today was the toughest day so far. It was like having him die all over again, flowers arriving, an abundance of family and friends popping in to offer their condolences. It's nice to know how many people keep us in their thoughts as I've been overwhelmed at the amount of people who have let me and my family know that they are thinking of us today because they remember today was the day that we lost the most magnificant man we have known.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out to lunch...

I am still diorama crazy, hence, I do not have time to blog. Glue guns are way more fun.