Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jacky Winter

I have been so excited this year to be amongst the kids invited to join the new division of The amazing Jacky Winter Group... The Hatch. I have loved Jacky Winter long time, so I am really happy to be affiliated with them, and Jeremy is sooooo nice. See here for my JW folio, lots of new work going up as quickly as I can make it!

Click here for my JW page

Meanwhile I am working hard creating pieces for my show at 19KAREN in October, working on a collaboration with designer Su Wen Yeong, marking exams and writing reports, still teaching, renovating our house, and getting everything else done that needs to be done before I head to Europe in a tiny amount of days. I can't wait to sit my tired ass down on one of the beds on the beach on Hava Island and smooch Mr.Howard and fall asleep in the sun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Books Books Books

I took myself for a much needed venture through the thrift stores in our town, and to my suprise some new ones have popped up since my last day of solitary fossicking a few months back. The focus of today's hunt was for books with lovely illustrations to ad to my collection. As always I aimed for the childrens section first, and I was rewarded. I came home with a sweet stack of mostly vintage books and once I have boiled the kettle I will have my afternoon activities sorted. The two books pictured in this post are two of my favourite book covers from my recent purchases. The one on the left has been illustrated by Roberta McDonald. I love the monochromatic cover with the splashes of vibrant red and yellow. The red and black sections are also embossed, so this book cover is a lovely one to hold. The book on the right is a little notebook I bought myself recently, created by o-check press. I am obsessed with this cover, it is a beautiful illustration. This notebook sits on my desk and I still havent written in it, I just love looking at it. It's an absolute fucking delight to own it.