Thursday, July 30, 2009

An old, old illustration

I had a rummage around in a box I found full of old bits and pieces that hadn't been given much attention since we moved house over eight years ago. Inside was lots of cute little bits and pieces from our family's past... I even found a story folder full of stories I must have dictated to some very patient person before I could write, and then I've taken the typed story back to my desk and illustrated it.
This space story is from Grade 1 at Red Hill Primary School. I'm thinking of doing a grown up version of this illustration... I'll ad that to my giant to-do list!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A new site is coming...

My old website has retreated back to the external hard drive and a beautiful new site is currently under construction for
In the mean time, I have posted links to my agent and my gallery and this little blog on the main page. I have a show at 19KAREN opening on the 24th of October this year, so until then I will be working flat stick on what is certain to be my biggest show to date. I will try to post as many updates as possible in the meantime!

In other exciting news, the work from my series Something Wicked This Way Comes is currently being featured in my favourite design magazine, IDN. This magazine has provided me with years of good reading and is a great source of inspiration to me and lots of my fellow design-heads, so I am thrilled to be worthy of inclusion in it's pages.

For any queries regarding my past, present or future work, hit me up at

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I must make mention of the AMAZING fabric store I fell in love with in Berlin, FRAU TULPE.
Allured by it's divine window display, I walked into what is without doubt the best fabric store in the world as I know it.
Sorry for the cliche`- but like a kid in a candy store - I trowled through rolls and rolls of patterns printed onto beautiful linens and cottons with absolute glee, and while the fabrics aren't on the cheap side (and why should they be?), it was the best Euro I have ever spent. It was very hard to leave this place knowing that it will be a while before I can return, so luckily they have an online store (website experienced definitely enhanced if you speak German)



I am home this week from Berlin, Hong Kong etc. It was a whirlwind trip that included highs such as swimming in the crystal waters of the Adriatic and visiting the beautiful folk at IDN Magazine HQ in Hong Kong, and lows such as not having a tummy big enough to stomach as much yum cha as I would have liked to consume!
I have a pile of work to get on with so for now, I've posted a picture of the gorgeous Klaus Haapaiemi Mug that I picked up whilst in Helsinki... it's helping me get through the day by filling it with lots of coffee to make the jet lag go away....