Monday, January 31, 2011


So Melbourne has finally decided to start acting like it's Summer. Well, what a coincidence - I've designed the fabrics for these cute bikinis for Jays to get you through the heat. Don't forget to SLIP SLOP SLAP!! xxx


I designed this little pattern repeat of clothes pegs for these cute little undies for Jays... these undies are now sold out online so they're only available instore!

Dennis Lyxzen

So while everyone was doing something sensible like staying inside with some AC on Sunday, I was losing kilo's sweating it out at the Melbourne Big Day Out. Even standing still made you feel hot and bothered, thankfully Jays was a major sponsor so at least we had some VIP action which meant our own bar and nice toilets and some SHADE from the 40 degree heat. Spending the day with my crazy chicas (see much love for these girls..and alot of others sadly not in this shot with me looking slightly mental) was awesome and I soon found myself behaving like a teenager and heading off to the Boiler Room for a bit of Bloody Beetroots intensity. Seeing as I don't pay attention to much these days... I had missed the memo that Denniz Lyxzen from Refused was doing shows with them. So needless to say I nearly pissed myself when I heard the intro to New Noise being sampled and then had to pick my jaw up off the floor when his Godly self appeared right before me. He was amazing, they were AMAZING... I always thought Dennis was the probably the most awesome person on the planet, and after seeing this set, I now know it's true. xxx

Friday, January 28, 2011


My gorgeous friend James, aka The Travelling Peelsman, put me onto this website when he rocked up at my door wearing this super cute sweater. Lazy Oaf is a UK based brand that seels seriously cute stuff, my favourite picks (which I have swiftly added to my wish list) are pictured.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Two gorgeous girls, Sophie Cocks and Channelle Calderwood have recently launched their label woodenkok. I was honoured when they asked me to design the type for their logo (pictured), they were awesome to work with and their new site is now online with their Hoodlums (also pictured) and bags arriving soon. The girls are super nice and always look AMAZING so it's exciting to see their design project coming to life. Keeping my eye on these ladies for sure xxx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Present and Correct

I absofuckinglutely LOVE this store, Present and Correct. It's the kind of store I'd love to own myself. Being a stationary junkie and collector of object d'art this store is so up my alley it's not even funny. I'm going to empty my bank account on their stationary and books. What a find. xxx

I am absolutely hanging for this to go live online...

Sheridan have been advertising their new POP bed linen range - a mix and match concept where you create your own combination from a wide range of yardage prints. I LOVE bed linen and I often struggle to find linen that fits my fussy taste, so I was super excited to see this concept. Only problem in their site isn't live yet... I'm checking it daily...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The National

I have seen ALOT of bands in my time, from underage shows at The Punters Club (before they were banned and before The Punters closed and became a pizza house) to Arena spectaculars - but never have I been more excited than I am for who I'm seeing tonight. The National are in my top ten favourite bands for so many reasons. Not only is their music AMAZING and every album they have put their efforts toward has been brilliant, but they release also art prints (see pictured), collab with charities designing tees etc... my type of people. I listen to them all the time, especially when I'm working as they are so good to draw to. The show is at The Palais, one of the most lovely seated venues in Melbourne. I honestly cannot wait for this. xxx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Droga 5 - Wrapping paper project

I was asked by Droga 5 Advertising Agency (NYC and Sydney) to create one of four repeat patterns for a set of Christmas wrapping papers that they produced. Here is mine! The sets of four different paper designs were sent out to their clients as a Christmas gift - cute!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Long time no post

I've been away from my computer the last 11 days, doing everything from the standard issue Christmas lunch to letting off fireworks on Phillip Island for New Years Eve (and drinking my body weight in Margaritas with a bunch of good friends in the sun), hanging on the beach down at McCrae and Cape Woolamai, and capped the crazy season off by heading out to the Yarra Valley for my beautiful friend Natalie's wedding. The wedding was AMAZING. I'm not really into weddings in a big way - but this made me want to walk, no - run - up the alter and have my own wedding asap (but I've got a feeling that's gonna wear off soon!) Nat is a wedding photographer so spends most of her time at other peoples weddings - so she had picked the best elements of all she had seen and brought it together is her own magical way. Natalie is not only an absolutely delightful, beautiful, lovely lovely person, but also insanely talented and ORGANIZED as her wedding day further proved. It was a privilege to be at this special event to celebrate her marriage to Dan. I came home form the wedding and painted this picture as part of my Thank You card for them. So excited for those guys and wish them all the best xxx