Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New work and a cause

Like most people who viewed the documentary on Australia's live exports to Indonesia that aired on the ABC this week, I was saddened beyond words. The footage was utterly disturbing and exposed a truth we haven't been privy to until now. I urge you to make yourself aware of this issue, you can watch the story here. Please be aware the content of this documentary is graphic and disturbing, yet all too real, and too important to ignore. WSPA has set up an excellent website to help you write a letter to your local member of Parliament if you wish to express your concerns. You can access it by clicking here. WSPA do an incredible job of assisting animals who are suffering at the hand of humans and I urge you to become aware of what they do. I donate to them regularly as the work they do on behalf of all of us is just incredible.
SO... this topic really got me down in the dumps, not a place I like to dwell! I have been waiting for an opportunity to make some new artwork for our house, so I decided to take this moment between jobs to create a new artwork, something to cheer me up. Here it is, it's going in my hallway when it's back from the framers, and will be available as a giclee print for purchase from my soon to be launched print shop! xxx

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Design Files article

I woke up this morning to find my illustrated map for the NGV 150 sitting front and centre on the amazing design blog The Design Files in their latest feature. What a great start to the day! You should definitely head over to the blog to not only read the article but take a wander through their content, a feast for lovers of all things visual xxx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's PARTY time at the NGV!

The NGV is celebrating it's 150th birthday this weekend! Be sure to get down to the Melbourne Arts Precinct and pick up one of the maps that I illustrated that will guide you through the trail of festivities. The map will be available FREE as a liftout in the Age newspaper on Friday, so pick one up and join in the fun! The map will also be available at the event, and you can also download it here from the NGV website. So stoked to have worked on such a major event in Melbourne's calendar, I'll be there partying on so come down and say hello! xxx

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mi Casa

I woke up unusually early today and decided to make the most of the extra hours by putting together this post about where I live. I bought this little place in Kensington, just north of Melbourne's CBD last year and have loved really making it my own. Kensington is a fucking cool suburb, and I managed to get a place smack bang in the middle of it. I collect artworks by my favourite artists, and have pieces around the house by: Amy Dover, Michael Sieben, Donna Wilson, Alexander Girard, Marilyn Neuhart, Kozyndan, Junzo Terada, Megan Whitemarsh (I wallpapered my kitchen cupboard with one of her prints!) and lots more..(including some of my own stuff!) Here's a few snaps of some of my favourite parts of the place I call home. xxx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and me!

So here it is, the official map for the party weekend celebrating the NGV's 150th Birthday! The amazing team at the NGV commissioned me to create this map especially for this event, a project I was honoured to have been allowed the opportunity to work on. The map is available as a downloadable (and hence printable) PDF here. It will also be released as a commemorative souvenir in The Age around the time of the event, and it will also be distributed at the event itself.
The map will guide you through the fantastic fun that's going to be had in Melbourne's Art Precinct the weekend of the 28th-29th of May 2011. Get down there, this party is only going to happen once and it's going to be HUGE!! xxx

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bread and butter

I lead a double life... no wait, make that a triple life. By day, I work at the Just Group designing graphics for tees and fabrics, instore merchandising etc... by night I work with clients from all over on a freelance basis, and then there's the tiny bit of time left over for myself in which I rush to be by the side of my amazing friends and family. I work on stacks of designs for product at the Just Group and I rarely get a chance to put up anything I do for them, here's a fabric yardage (which got turned into a jacket, top, pants and skirt - a whole damn suit!) and a couple of basic tee prints. I love this kind of work as it is always a buzz to be walking down the street and seeing someone wearing clothes me and the merch girls have worked on together (the merch girls are the lovely ladies who source the fabrics, patterns for garment shapes etc. Awesome at their job and the greatest people too). A nice reward to lots of hard work. xxx