Friday, May 6, 2011

Bread and butter

I lead a double life... no wait, make that a triple life. By day, I work at the Just Group designing graphics for tees and fabrics, instore merchandising etc... by night I work with clients from all over on a freelance basis, and then there's the tiny bit of time left over for myself in which I rush to be by the side of my amazing friends and family. I work on stacks of designs for product at the Just Group and I rarely get a chance to put up anything I do for them, here's a fabric yardage (which got turned into a jacket, top, pants and skirt - a whole damn suit!) and a couple of basic tee prints. I love this kind of work as it is always a buzz to be walking down the street and seeing someone wearing clothes me and the merch girls have worked on together (the merch girls are the lovely ladies who source the fabrics, patterns for garment shapes etc. Awesome at their job and the greatest people too). A nice reward to lots of hard work. xxx