Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The AMAZING people I work with on Level 4 at the The Just Group and I have a bit of a thing for Jeffrey Campbell Shoes (or 'Jeffries'). Actually our few darling boys in the office maybe aren't so keen, but us chickas love a pair of Jeffries. There's a billion pairs of shoes in the world but the Jeffries err more on the side of sculpture or industrial design rather than just being something you throw on your foot. I picked up this pair in Mong Kok, a totally mental part of Hong Kong. Those that know me know I'm not normally seen running around in high heels, but these are surprisingly comfy - nice one Mr. Campbell. xxx

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me and Spongebob!!

Look who popped into the office to visit us today xxx

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up in the air

How good are these hand made ceramic cups?! I bought four of them in this amazing design store called Konzepp in Hong Kong. The guy working the store was divine, so helpful and friendly. Konzepp is part of the HK Honey initiative. Check it out, super cute. The cups are by Up in the air, based in Chicago. I don't know if they'll make it off the shelf as my cats love to smash a glass - but I couldn't leave them behind. Grey ceramic dipped in yellow... I just want to hold them and look at them all day. xxx

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in Melbourne!

Three whole weeks of no computers, no phones ringing, no emails... coupled with some gorgeous beaches in Thailand and the super fun chaos of Hong Kong... it was gorgeous. We caught up with some very special friends and and saw some incredible things - both disturbing and beautiful. There was so many things to be in awe of and as many things that broke my heart. Taking a walk down the streets that specialize in peddling deer feotuses, shark fins and the like is nothing short of disturbing and upsetting. To see shop after shop stocked full with thousands of shark fins is a sight I am thankfully not used to seeing on a daily basis. Dave had just come back from the Great Barrier Reef where he had been educating students in marine conservation for three weeks so it was especially raw for him. We aren't at all naive to not realize that at the core of humanity is a rugged fight for survival, but to have it there smacking you in the face really hits a nerve. The picture here is from Getty images, but it's identical to what lines the shelves of hundreds of stores through Hong Kong. If you wish to read more about the tragedies surrounding the harvesting of shark fins you can do so here.
Despite the complete disregard for animal welfare in Hong Kong and the overwhelming poverty that lines the streets of Thailand, there were many, many positives. We met so many beautiful local people who smile so brightly in the face of adversity, and were able to experience some truly serene landscapes and fascinating history and culture. And of course, the best part was some down time with the cutest boy in the world, Dave. Now it's back to work, and with some big things on the horizon, I'm going to be one busy little lady xxx

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some exciting new work (posting from Hong Kong)

So I'm at the tail end of my three weeks of the best time of my life over here in South East Asia, currently in Hong Kong - this city seriously rules. It's my second time in HK and once again it's blown my mind. Everything here is extreme, weird, fascinating, amazing, gory, and chaotic. I love it. We are staying with friends on the 35th floor of their AMAZING apartment building on Hong Kong island, truly deluxe, it's going to be very hard to say goodbye.
I promised myself I'd stay as far away from computers as possible on this trip, and so far have been successful, but there's some new work I have to share that couldn't wait until I got home!!
I collaborated with the amazing seesaw design studio in Melbourne to create a bunch of illustrated assests for the brand-new-this-is-going-to-be-huge-company called MEEMEEP.

The crazy clever peeps at seesaw took all the assests I illustrated and magically turned them into an animation that will introduce you to MEEMEEP.

Watch the animation here to see what it's all about - it's AWESOME!!! xxx