Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wish list...

I could spend hours on the maximo website, a few more hours on the Donna Wilson website, a whole day on the House Industries website.... all loaded with gorgeous things that make me want to burn a hole in my wallet, in fact set the whole thing on fire. Here's a bit of a wish list I put together:

Alexander Girard floor tiles, by Flor - these come in six piece tiles and you piece them together yourself to make your own floor rug. Awesome. Check these out on out the Flor website here.

Alexander Girard House Cushion - Printed on a cotton/linen oyster fabric. I'm obsessed with Girard and this cushion would be right at home on my couch. It's currently out of stock :(

T&O Doll Centaur - 1963 hand embroidered doll on 100% mexicotton, hand stitched yarn hair, comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by Marilyn Neuhart. I have some on Neuhart's replicas from this series, but this is the real deal. Would love to own and look after this piece of history.

Pretty sure I can hear those floor tiles calling my name...


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LMNOP, Illustrators Australia, and Me!

I have recently discovered the cutest website: lmnop.com.au (pronounced "elle em enn oh pee"... like the alphabet) as they chose my work Le Salon Amusant to advertise the upcoming Illustrators Australia A3 show in Sydney. If you have kids, or even if you just like looking at designer stuff for kids, then check out lmnop.com.au, stacks of articles and features on adorable stuff (and everyone knows how much I love stuff!) If you're in Sydney get yourself along to the launch at Fraser Studios on the 19th of August at 6pm. Le Salon Amusant will be available at the show for only $125 AUD. Bargain! For more details about the IA A3 show, click here. xxx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe, my new favourite artist. Installation art can have a fairly high wank factor at times, but these colour spectrums made from tensioned thread are as far from wanky as you can get. They are just flat out beautiful, and really clever too. I'm inspired by the patience and focus required to put these together. I want one in my house! xxx

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just checked in on the stats for my blog, and was overwhelmed to see how many of you are checking in to see what I'm up to! I REALLY appreciate it, so here's a big THANKYOU to all my readers. Big hugs xxx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Listen, read, eat

I have The Kills new album Blood Pressures on repeat at the moment, too good. Kate Moss knows where it's at.
Reading another Chuck Palahniuk book, this time it's Pygmy. Written in the narrative of a pygmy (der) who is sent to kill all the stupid Americans (he sure has his work cut out for him) in one well planned karate kick to society. It's nothing on Haunted but worth sticking it out for the occasional gems Palahniuk unleashes throughout.
I'm baking my third batch of mini lemon tarts this week. I've set myself the task of organising Dave's 30th and even if it kills me, there will be the most delicious mini lemon tarts anyone has ever eaten at that party - along with the rest of the feast that I'm planning. Practice makes perfect. xxx