Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's not mine, but it's cute (Happy New Year)

I'm on holidays, cruising around the coast catching up with friends, swimming in the ocean and eating lots. I met up with my amazing friend Hannah and her beautiful baby #2 - Matilda. Hannah and her husband Adam bake a good cake - their other child Poppy is just as divine as this little one is. As it's the 31st December (which is also my bro's birthday - Happy Birthday Anth!), I thought a picture of a brand new person was appropriate. A new year starts tomorrow and although it's a day like any other day, there's a feeling of shedding an old skin and starting out fresh which I love. This year I'm going to work my ass off, travel lots, eat well, find some new bands to listen too, and hopefully make some artwork that I'm really proud of. Happy 2012 - stay safe and happy! xxx