Monday, December 5, 2011

We need to talk about Klaus

I recently had the pleasure of turning 29 years old, and as the dates fell I shared my birthday with the wedding of my friends Julian and Diana. These two cuties got married out at the Heidelberg Museum of Modern Art, must admit I had a slight case of wedding envy watching them tie the knot at one of Melbourne's most amazing establishments (but that swiftly wore off and I returned to my normal, not-getting-married-ever self). Congrats to these guys - a privilege to share in their special day. Now... onto Klaus:

For my birthday I was also lucky enough to be the recipient of some gorgeous gifts, including 2 bowls and 2 plates from the Taika series by Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala, to add to my collection. An interest normally maintained by people turning 79, not 29, hoarding this dudes crockery really does it for me. Which made me hop on over to his website to see what other little things of his I might be able to get my hands on. Well, my Xmas list just got a bit longer.... check out his scarf, cushion and of course the Taika bowl. He's so good... and Scandinavian.... xxx