Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post for 2012! New work for Zig Zag!!

The last day of the year... I'm sitting here in a singlet, pj shorts and ugg boots - my outfit of choice at least for the first half of the day throughout this crazy Christmas break. My cats are behind me kicking and chasing paintbrushes all around the house. I've started painting again and Frankie and Scout think this is awesome. So many things to knock over!
I'm painting for a new collaboration with Vans - and this time we're going on tour! I'm creating some custom product for the legendary shoe brand and my shoes will be heading out and about with the 2013 Big Day Out tour. My schedule doesn't allow me to attend all the shows - but I'll be at the Melbourne one for sure. Come and say hi and talk to me about food and how good glitter is! I'll be sure to post some work in progress shots of the Vans product for you :)

The picture I'm posting is from a new brand I have been working on for the past 6 months - Zig Zag.
It's a massive stationary range for kids and it's available online now. I've created artwork for A4 Carry me notebooks (pictured), A5's, Mini notebooks, Back to School notebooks, pencil cases, sticker packs etc etc. The range is huge and it's a tonne of fun.
Pictured is the Deco Sun A4 Carry Me Notebook - I LOVE the artwork I did for this - definitely one of my faves for 2012.

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for all your high fives, kind words and amazing support. It's been one crazy, fabulous year. See you in 2013! xxx

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My first crack at... HOMEWARES!

I am obsessed with lovely looking things, and homewares are always on my radar. Thankfully I'm about to embark on the hunt for a bigger house - as our Kensington pad is beginning to feel a bit too cosy for our family of 2 x humans / 2 x cats and all of our lovely looking stuff that we've collected along the way.
Over time, in my search for things that look good, I've developed a growing desire to design some homewares myself - and that time has come! Actually, it came three months ago when I worked with the amazing Kristy at Cotton On to develop this set of cushions, but it's only now that they're in stores that I can tell the world about them. They're a natural canvas, one is printed with my illustration and the other with a chevron - and both are trimmed with the world's cutest little pom poms!
I'm SO excited to have been able to create this product - I'm just itching to do more so while my sketchbooks are getting thrashed you can head over here to grab yourself one of only 300 available online and in selected Body stores globally. xxx
ps: please forgive the horrendous photo in the online store. Must have been 'wear a blindfold to work' day when they shot this in the ecomm studio.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raising some big $$$ for the Dandelion Support Network

In my last post I showed you a new print I had created for a charity exhibition called Alphabetica. As you can see from the pic there was a nice turn out at the opening and sales from the event raised a whopping $20,000 for the Dandelion Support Network Charity. (By the way I love pics from exhibitions and how funny everyone's faces look when they're snapped mid conversation...)
I'm SO happy for the Dandelion guys, they do an amazing job and I am thrilled to have been able to contribute to their continuing success.
I also must apologise for being a bit quiet on the blog - I've got some very exciting projects in the works: another collaboration with Vans and also a new project that is blowing my mind and unfortunately very top secret probably until this time next year. Not sure how I'll contain my excitement and keep it on the downlow until then... but as soon as I can share I will! Eeeeek!! xxx

Monday, November 26, 2012

New work for a good cause

I am thrilled to be involved and am sitting amongst a stella line up of artists with everyone from Numskull to Andrea Innocent. The exhibition opens December 6th in Sydney, details on the flyer below.
The piece in the top left is the signed A2 print of mine that will be for sale, and as a special treat I've included a snapshot of one of my working files for this project. If you're in Sydney be sure to check it out xxx 


Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm always boasting about the amazing people I work with - and here's another opportunity for me to do it again. Matt Dunne and Dan Hatcher are two of the nicest, talented guys around. I get to work with them day in and day out as they make up an important part of the Cotton On Design team. Matt and Dan are part of a group show they have curated and created work for, Multiply.
The show opens tomorrow night in Geelong. Details from the gallery website here:

60 Little Malop Street Geelong
(Cnr Gheringhap and Little Malop Streets)

November 23 – December 3, 2012
(Opening Night Nov 23, 6-8pm)
This up-coming exhibition is a culmination of creative minds aimed at exploring and reflecting upon the theme ‘multiply’. This diverse group of young local designers and artists intends on exciting the Geelong art scene with their variety of design skills, personalities and aesthetics.
The seven designers showcasing in the exhibition consists of, Steve Abbott (Sherwood gutterz), Matt Dunne (Cotton On), Beck Fletcher (Pardon Peg Vintage) Dan Hatcher (Cotton On), Scott Leonard (The Leonard Bros), Phil McDonald (McDonaldPhil) and Mat Turner (Sherwood Gutterz).

Thursday, November 15, 2012


As much as I love lounging around in front of an open fire in my ugg boots during Winter, nothing beats the Australian Summer. Long, balmy nights with jugs of Sangria on the rooftop, beach walks, picnincs, salads... and not having to worry about whether I'm wearing enough layers.
In my excitement for the pending season, I've collated some of my favourite things that are going to see me through the sunny days.

Clockwise from top left:
- The most amazing perfume ever, Aesop's Marrakech. As soon as I step out of the shower I reach for this bottle. One of the favourite parts of my day.
- Dallas and Carlos Vinnie Bracelet. My friend Katherine's amazing accessories label keeps getting better and better. I'm a sucker for black and gold.
- Country Road cushion. I bought this a couple of months ago and it's made itself right at home on my couch.
- Seed glitter polish. I raided the kids section at Seed for this nail polish. It's SO cute. Big, colourful chunks of glitter. It's like wearing jewels on your nails. Cute as.
- Orange Blossom Water. OH MAANNN.... obsessed!!! I was at the cute little cafe Luncheonette opposite at my house a while back and ordered their homemade Orange Blossom Lemonade. It was the best drink I've ever tried, EVER. I found the recipe and this is a key ingrediant. I'll find the recipe and post it - it will change your life!
- Acupulco chair. I don't have one of these, as I've already got enough chairs going on at home, but this will be a ready addition to our next house. Possibly not the most comfortable chair on earth, but it sure is pretty. I feel tropical just looking at it.


*This is NOT an endorsed post. I'll tell you if it is. I genuinely like these things.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music I'm working to right now...

Someone asked me the other day what I listen to when I'm working - I'd never given it a whole lot of thought - I just chuck on whatever I feel like. From Dean Martin through to Slayer, I've got most bases covered in my collection. Here's a round up for what's been on repeat this week. If Jolene isn't the best song ever written then I guess I just don't know what's good anymore. xxx

Metal Magic Graphs for Cotton On!

It's been a while between posts - I've been in QLD having a mini holiday / celebrating my Grandpa's 90th Birthday (With my Grandma by his side in their 67th year of marriage!) and then rushing back home to have several lengths of wool surgically removed from one of my cat's intestines (which wasn't cheap or fun). Needless to say I've banned knitting in our house for the moment but things are beginning to return to normal. I'm working away busily on some of my own work that I'll be posting about soon - in the mean time here's a Black Magic tee that I did for Cotton On - it's just dropped in store & I'm loving it siiiick xxx

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Work - KW Doggett Fine Paper

If you're a designer, a design student, a print house or someone who just knows about amazing stuff - then you will be familiar with the incredible KW Doggett paper house.
To launch their latest range of scrumptious metallic papers, the lovely people at KWD commissioned me to create a series of illustrations of mans best friend - to be printed as a set of cards on their fancy new paper. (Dogs... KW DOGgett... see what they did there...neat, huh?) All the white space in the illustrations will be exposed metallic paper - so I'm hanging to see the finished cards once they are back from the printers. For now - here's a digital version for your primary coloured canine viewing pleasure xxx

Monday, October 15, 2012

PRO TEAM - Faultlines

My brothers Anth and Gonz got together with their buddies from their old band Pro Team and put together a swag of new songs for their recently released EP Faultlines. This was a totally DIY job - recorded at my Mum's house and released without any representation from a record label. They hauled in me, the sister who comes in handy sometimes, to put together an artwork package that includes a website, itunes cover and 12" Vinyl cover. I loved working with the guys on this project - and everyone is stoked with the outcome.
I'm a punk rock kid at heart and I am really impressed with what Pro Team has come up with for Faultlines. The fact that they're my brothers doesn't sway my opinion either - if it sounded shit I'd have no problems saying so, but luckily for them it doesn't. It's rad. You can visit their site here where you'll find lyrics, and links to their itunes store and facebook page xxx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vans Classics & Melbourne

On Thursday I got my hands dirty in front of 400 skaters and industry so and so's to create custom shoes at a Vans exclusive event in the back alleys of Melbourne. Alongside fellow artists Andy Murphy, Steen Jones and Lucy Lucy - we worked our assess off for a crowd who queued all night to grab a pair of our custom shoes. There was also these amazing chicks running a nail bar (seriously check them out - LOVE what they are doing), bands, plenty of beer and lots and lots of shoes...
I was honoured to be seated next to Andy Murphy, an all round nice guy who wields a pen better than most. Together we smashed out a tonne of Vans custom product, pictured are some of my faves from the collection I produced xxx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

THE LAST STAND OF THE FREJ - Wet Plate Collodion Photographs by Matthew Kovacs

My buddy Matthew Kovacs is amazing. Having traveled the world as a photographer for Triple J and Lonely Planet, he is now back in Melbourne in a make-shift backyard darkroom pumping out some of the most beautiful photos you'll ever see in preparation for his upcoming solo show at Bower Gallery, The Last Stand of the Frej.
I spent yesterday morning with Kovacs at his house in Richmond helping him put together one of the last pieces for his show - a portrait of me doing what I love best - drawing. Kovacs photographed me working on this same drawing at home a while back and he wanted to try shooting another version, this time photographed on ruby glass.
I followed him around like an eager assistant, having no idea what I was doing as I tried to keep up with the mixing of chemicals, trying to remember what would burn my skin and what would be ok to breath in, how many minutes in the darkroom, how many minutes we had to shoot before the wet plate started to dry etc. It was amazing watching Kovacs work in his superbly organised, urgent manner, and lots of smiles were had as we finally got to watch the picture of me he had carefully planned emerge from the ruby glass under a running tap, revealing me in his perfect depth of field and composition. I am so stoked to be in this show.  
The Last Stand of the Frej opens on the 6th of September 2012, from until 9pm. The show runs until the 23rd of September at Bower Gallery: 31 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea, Victoria, Australia xxx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Illustrated yardage for CO Exclusives

I drew this 50's car yardage for the CO Exclusives range that has just been released. Inspired by the Prada Spring 2012 RTW Collection, sunny days and the style of the 1950's, this print was so much fun to draw and colour up. I drew all the outlines with fineliner, and finished it off with colour and a two-way repeat in Photoshop. This CO Exclusives SS/12 campaign was styled by super stylist Romy Frydman. The Cadillac Bomber and Cadillac Peplum top are available now until sold out - each piece is limited to 150 units so get to it! xxx

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Risographica 2

Dave and I braved the rains and headed out to Lamington Drive for the opening of Risographica 2, which I wrote about in my last post. The space at Lamington Drive is amazing, a warehouse conversion with high ceilings and gorgeous timber finishes. If I could live in a space like this I would. The room was shoulder to shoulder with other rain-bravers, there to enjoy the Risograph prints by 37 of Jacky Winters artists - including me! I submitted one of my patterned flowers to be printed as a two colour print - the actual print is orange and gold - but the screen view of this doesn't capture the contrast so I've bumped the gold over to pink for the sake of this post. The artwork by all of the artists was beautiful, so many different illustrations all brought together by a 4 colour pallette, giving the show a beautiful synergy between all of the artists. My favourite piece was a purple and orange seagull print by Clemens Habicht. I don't have a picture of it for now, but you should definitely check out Clemens' work - amazing! The Risographica 2 prints are only $50 each, in editions of 10 - with proceeds going to Vision Australia. The show runs until September 29 2012 xxx

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Risopgraphica 2 / Exhibition

I've been a bit quiet on the blog for the last few weeks - truth is that I haven't had a spare minute to pat my cats, let alone sit down and blog. Cotton On world is in full swing taking over the world one printed tee at a time, and the freelance work diary has never been so full. Combined with this my dear Grandfather Frank passed away a couple of weeks ago, so while my work has been full steam ahead it hasn't been without some personal struggle along the way. Frank was 95, a damn good effort by anyone's standards.

A huge positive has been the anticipation of the next Lamington Drive show - Risographica 2, in which I have a limited edition Risograph print on show and for sale. Here's an excerpt from the Jacky Winter / Lamington Drive blog:

Following the success of Lamington Drive’s first foray into the world of Risograph prints, the Drive are proud to present the much anticipated Risographica 2. This group exhibition will see 37 of Jacky Winter’s most celebrated artists explore the medium of the Risograph via an A3 2-colour print. All works will be sold in limited editions of 10 for $50.00 each, with a percentage of each sale being donated to Vision Australia.
Please join us for this very special opening on Thursday August 9 from 6-9pm.
The exhibition will run from August 10 – September 29.

The list of artists I am sharing the Lamington Drive walls with is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, see for yourself: Allison Colpoys, Andrea Innocent, Beci Orpin, Ben Ashton-Bell, Ben Sanders, Caitlin Shearer, Cat MacInnes, Christopher Nielsen, Clemens Habicht, Eirian Chapman, Emma Leonard, Fleur Harris, Guy Shield, James Fosdike, James Gulliver Hancock, Jane Reiseger, Jeremy Ley, Karan Singh, Kat Chadwick, Kate Banazi, Kat Macleod, Lachlan Conn, Lilly Piri, Luke Lucas, Madeleine Stamer, Marc Martin, Marguerite Sauvage, Mark Godoy, Mel Stringer, Melanie Matthews, Mimi Leung, Neryl Walker, Oslo Davis, Paul Nolan, Steve Scott, Tim Molloy and Travis Price.

See you Thursday!! xxx

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New season - Cotton On

With Cotton On now in twelve countries around the world, and approaching the opening of it's 1000th store - seeing the new season launch is a pretty exciting time. From all the product I designed prints for - here's some of my favourites. I especially love the Canadian Rockies scene with the peach ombre. Hot. The Woven Graphic tees were so much fun to work on - the digital printing technique used to produce these allows us designers so much more freedom in what we can create. Exciting times ahead xxx

Monday, July 2, 2012

Trinket Heart for Cotton On

A few years ago my Mum bought me a little present from an antique shop she'd happened to be in - a bag full of trinkets. Buttons, diamontes, brooches etc. The things in this little bag are so cute, and I've always wondered how I would put them to use. They've been sitting in my draw in my studio for years and I finally found them a home! I styled them into a love heart and photographed them for this Cotton On fleece. (When the link stops working it means it's sold out!) I bought one for myself and I swear it is the snuggliest jumper I've ever worn. The cutest part is that I can tell that my Mum is secretly chuffed that her little random gift from years ago has made it onto a garment being sold all around the world. High five Susie! xxx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back in time

I am in the process if giving my website a total revamp - which means going through my entire folio and choosing what stays and what goes, and what's to be added in. I found these paintings I did a number of years ago and was pleasantly surprised with how much I like them. Usually I look back on my previous work with more educated eyes and pick them apart with all the things I could have done better. Not in the case of these face studies. I love them. My work has moved on alot since I painted these, but since they haven't featured in my folio before - I think it's time to share them with you xxx

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My good friends over at Sweet Caroline in South Yarra have the cutest little courtyard at the back of their salon - so why not put it to good use and host an organic produce market?! The amazing team at SC commissioned me to create the logo and collateral for this new event - I LOVE how it's come together and they are equally stoked. Get your butt down to South Yarra on the 7th July for some earth friendly fun xxx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

AGDA Question Time June 19th 2012 Series 5 (VIC)

I'll be speaking on the panel at the next AGDA Question time event - presented by the amazing Seesaw design studio. Come along and stick me with your curliest questions!

Date: 19th June 2012  Time: 06:30pm

Every month, three creatives are invited to sit beneath the spotlight, be poked and prodded by your questions on all things professional. AGDA aims to promote open, stimulating dialogue between students, young designers and established professionals.

Eamo Donnelly Designer/Illustrator 
(Me!) Fleur Harris Designer/Illustrator
Kevin Blackburn Creative Director

DATE Tuesday 19 June at 6:30pm sharp. Limited seats, booking enquiries to

VENUE Seesaw, 268 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne
COST Free entry to AGDA members / $25 entry to non AGDA members
Enquiries 1300 043 310

Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting and decorating

I'm turning 30 in December. I don't have any issues with that, in fact, I'm rather excited. I love planning parties, it means I get to think about food, drinks, friends and confetti - all my favourite things. So I've started planning my party - 6 months in advance. This doesn't mean it's going to be the worlds greatest party, it just means I'll be super organised and have plenty of opportunities to make and bake things I've been wanting to make and bake for ages - all under the guise of 'practicing' for my party. Over the weekend that has just passed, I found myself in a junk store in Williamstown, buying up bags of polystyrene and tinsel ties. I got busy painting these featherlight little balls (a surprisingly difficult task to keep the whole surface evenly covered while it dries - although I think I have it figured now) and threading them onto some fluro nylon and securing them equal distances apart with the tinsel ties. I've ended up with a 5 meter long garland of glitter, fluros and brights - perfect for hanging across a room filled with my family and friends in 6 months time. xxx

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drawing birds - start to finish

A before and after round up of an illustration I finished tonight for my Jacky Winter folio page. You can click on the image for a larger view. The coloured illustration reminds me of some crockery we had in our home when I was little, so I'm on a mission to track it down. I'm really enjoying making these patterned little birds, more of these to come!
On another note, you may notice that my blog has had a facelift - I'm working on my new website at the moment and couldn't wait to drop in the new blog layout while everything else is being finalised. Normally I'm a bit OCD and would wait for everything to be finished so that it all matches perfectly,  but I love the new layout so much I had to get at least part of it up and running. Hope you like xxx

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Illustration for the little ladies!

Sleep tight! Here's an illustration I did for this Cotton On Kids PJ set. I LOVED drawing this, I go into a semi coma drawing patterns, focusing on nothing else but all the little details. Hands down the best way to zone out. All while being productive. Tick! You can get them here xxx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me, as seen by Matt Kovacs

I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Kovacs come and photograph me at home with his beautiful Linhof camera. No photoshop, no shitty instagram filters, nothing except for him and his camera. The guy is a genius. I love this photo for so many reasons -  I love the drawing I was working on at the time, I loved the privileged of being photographed by Kovacs, I love that he took the metal plate negative home and developed it in his own darkroom, and I love that it's not so much about me as it is about my work, captured through his work. Do yourself a favour and check out more of Kovacs work here and here. xxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hand drawn type for Cotton On

Try not to be distracted by the models dramatic pout - here's some hand drawn type I created for this Cotton On tee. Instore now xxx

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My 200th post! Let's make it a good one

In my last post I mentioned there was a hot little photo shoot and marketing campaign around the designer tee collection I am a part of for Cotton On. Well, it's sprawling it's way around the internet now so it's time to blog about it. You can head over to the CO Exclusives site here to pick up your own Fleur Harris tee - and a little birdy tells me there's not many of the 150 produced left so get in quick! I've been wearing mine to death, with skinny jeans and my Vans/Santigold collaboration sneakers and a big ass gold chain around my neck. Pimpin. I'm dead set on reviving the printed tee for us chickas - man there's some shit out there - stay tuned while I knuckle down on the t-shirt revolution. xxx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Fleur Harris tee - a Cotton On Exclusive

It's been a while between posts - I've been in Sydney visiting friends and then had a weekend away in the Hunter Valley... amazing. SO good to get out of Melbourne, but even better to be home.
In the meantime, here's a post I've been dying to share with you, and the time has come! I was asked by Cotton On to create my dream t-shirt. My all time best ever tee design. After much deliberation over what shape, what colour and of course - what print, I am pleased to present the Fleur Harris tee - designed by yours truly and exclusive to Cotton On. An oversized tee in super soft fabric, with giant polka dots in my favourite colour combination: peach, pink, grey and GOLD!! There's an AMAZING photoshoot to accompany - will post as soon as it's released. In the meantime, you can check it out here. xxx

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hanging with George

Dave and I spent the weekend down the coast at Dave's parents place - where we got to hang out with our favourite little man, George. George was in fine form - having a seemingly unending supply of energy and a bountiful supply of hugs for anyone who will hug him back. Dave LOVES George, of course, as he is his nephew - but he really really loves him. The two of them hanging out together is the cutest thing in the world.

We're back up in Melbourne now, so to finish up another beautiful weekend I decided to get out my brushes and paint some roses. About 70% of my work is now generated digitally, so it's so nice to get busy with some old school materials. I have a weird habit of wanting to hit CTRL + S and save while I'm painting. Think I need to spend less time on the computer xxx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back home

Life in Melbourne is getting crazier and crazier - Cotton On Head Office by day / freelance clients by night / and then there's my non-work life to tend to... So I've taken this weekend to skip town and head down the coast to my Mum's at Mt Martha beach. The weather down here is perfect right now, the garden is growing more beautiful by the day and it's nice to get some time to see my family and friends, help out in the garden, go through old photos, and finally relax. Here's some pics from my time down here.
From the top:
-One of my favourite artworks that my Dad made before he died. He discovered a love of painting later in his life and our house exploded with amazing canvases that now adorn the walls and are another beautiful reminder of what an incredible person he was. I get so much peace from looking at his paintings, seeing all the brush strokes that he made and admiring his extraordinary ability to arrange colours.
-My Mum's kitchen is so cool. It's huge, and gorgeous. Food plays a massive part in our family's life so naturally we all gravitate towards this room. Many, many good dinners and subsequent parties have been had in this space. I painted the splashback, my attempt at a Klaus Haapaniemi  - I could never do his work justice - but it sure beats the uninspiring splashbacks available currently on the market.
-This is the view I wake up to when I stay at Mum's. I lay in bed for ages watching the sun come up and the birds bathing in the water. The occasional rabbit will hop past too - it's so SO beautiful.
-Going through old photos is something I rarely get to do, but it's a hell of a lot of fun looking back at our lives and the fun we had as kids. This tiny frame with my first school photo has been kicking around our house in different rooms, different drawers for years. It's battered and old but I love it. I was so excited to start school. I can't believe they'd put a five year old girl in a Windsor knot. Strict.

Here's to good times with our loved ones xxx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New work - Cotton On KIDS

Here's a couple of girls hoodies I designed that are now available from Cotton On Kids. The Folk heart is my favourite - almost makes me want to have babies so I can dress them up (that's a definite on the almost) xxx

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Work for Weet-Bix

If you grew up in Australia - then you probably were eating Weet-Bix at some point in your childhood - maybe now you still whip out the old blue, red and white box for a morning bowl. I've eaten a few of these little bricks in my lifetime so it was fun to work on this project helping them with the illustrations for their banners on the ever popular parenting website kidspot. Pictured is the main illustrations I completed, some type for one of the banners and the resulting webpage. There's alot going on in webpage - my work sits around the edges. xxx

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hearts for my heart

My gorgeous friend Jasmine is getting married in a couple of weeks, and amongst all the dick and ball decorated drunk fun we had at her hens party, I wanted to give her a little gift to say how much I love her and love our friendship. I decided I would make Jasmine a heart that resembled the way my heart begins to look when she is around me - all happy and sparkly. I wrapped it up in pink tissue and wrote a little love note on the back for her too. So excited for this wedding!! xxx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A boy with different coloured eyes stole my heart

On Monday around 8pm I was out for a jog, and on my usual route I came across a skinny little man who looked very lost and frightened. He was all tiny and fluffy and a bit dirty and a bit undernourished, so I stopped and put my hand out for him to sniff - it was then I fell in love. This little stray kitten was so desperate for some attention and I am a total sucker for a cat, so I stopped listening to my ipod and sat down and played with him on the side of the road. He had one blue eye and one hazel eye and a stripey tail. I figured he wasn't someone's pet as he was dirty and skinny, so I picked him up and walked him all the way home with me - not quite sure what I was going to be doing with him once I got home, but I couldn't leave him there to fend for himself. He sat up like a king in my arms all the way home, and inhaled the kitten food I gave him that I had left over from when my leopards were babies. I sat with him while he ate and then he jumped straight into my lap and went to sleep. I was going to see La Dispute later at the East Brunswick club, so I called the Animal Hospital with great lament and took him down there. I named him Cutie and I really, really REALLY wanted to keep him. I've since called the hospital and he is doing well, his blue eye indicates he might be deaf in one ear but aside from that he's ok and they will look after him until he finds a home. I've been trying to think of every possible scenario that could allow me to keep him - but it's not likely. I'll keep in touch with the hospital to see how he is and if he finds a home, I've asked them to make sure he finds an extra extra nice person or family to care for him for the rest of his cute little life xxx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Before and after

Here's a little backstage pass to the making of this hoodie for Cotton On that I illustrated the print for -  I drew up the little sleepy owl with a pen, had the design approved, then painted in some watercolour highlights, had him approved again - and sent him off to be turned into this cosy garment. I've also taken the time out of my bad hair day to kindly model it for you outside Cotton On head office. He's selling pretty quick so if you see him instore grab him while you can xxx

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frankie helps me draw a picture

I decided to have another crack at drawing a picture of myself, this time with my lovely coloured fineliners. My cat Frankie decided to take charge by checking over my reference material and helping me choose the colour pens I was going to use. This is what we came up with xxx

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family portrait

A couple of Sundays ago I spent the afternoon drawing. I was trying to draw like I did when I was a kid, with reckless abandon, little care for imperfections, just drawing what fell out of my imagination. I tried to get myself in this headspace after so many years of striving for perfection in my design - and I really enjoyed it. I did this little portrait of Dave and me and our two cats Frankie and Scout. I popped it up on instagram and five minutes later I had a request for a commission piece which I glady did for the lovely Liz and her beautiful family. Here's to drawing like a kid again! xxx