Monday, January 9, 2012

I ♥ the Cotton On Design team

Since starting at Cotton On head office in October, I've been having an absolute blast. Not only is the design work a tonne of fun - but more importantly the people I work with are really wonderful. I knew from the start they were super talented and so so nice, but my team really blew my mind when it came to December - the month where it's not only Christmas but also my birthday.
Kat and Clare - two of our amazingly talented designers gave me the wall decal (pictured, top) for my birthday. Kat had been working on this for one of our projects and when I saw it on her screen I had minor heart failure at how gorgeous it was. I started thinking out loud of all the places this design could go - one of them being as a giant wall decal. I didn't really think anyone was listening to me profess my love for this perfectly arranged set of shapes until Kat and Clare gave me the design several weeks later as an actual giant wall decal - they went and had it cut for me for my birthday. I could have cried. Look at it there it all it's glory. Amazing. Seriously. This is sitting high and mighty in my living room. It's the best thing to have hit my walls in a long time.
The second almost-made-me-cry (ok maybe I did cry) gift is this totally mental and totally amazing custom cushion that Megan, our design/print/trend guru hand painted and sewed for me for Christmas. Megan and I car pool together every day to the office which means she gets to listen to me bang on about my life - much of which occurs in my beloved home town of Kensington in Melbourne. We'd had many discussions about our growing love for cheesy tourist souveniers and Australiana - so Megan painted all the things I'd been chewing her ear off about on the way to work, to make me my very own Kensington cushion. Amazing. AND she used fluro paint in there... seriously... AMAZING.
I was blown away with the thoughfulness put into both of these gifts - who knew people could be as  skilled, clever, lovely, thoughtful and generous all at once.
I'm so so lucky to know and work with such incredible people. One little happy tear and lots of smiles. xxx