Thursday, February 23, 2012

A boy with different coloured eyes stole my heart

On Monday around 8pm I was out for a jog, and on my usual route I came across a skinny little man who looked very lost and frightened. He was all tiny and fluffy and a bit dirty and a bit undernourished, so I stopped and put my hand out for him to sniff - it was then I fell in love. This little stray kitten was so desperate for some attention and I am a total sucker for a cat, so I stopped listening to my ipod and sat down and played with him on the side of the road. He had one blue eye and one hazel eye and a stripey tail. I figured he wasn't someone's pet as he was dirty and skinny, so I picked him up and walked him all the way home with me - not quite sure what I was going to be doing with him once I got home, but I couldn't leave him there to fend for himself. He sat up like a king in my arms all the way home, and inhaled the kitten food I gave him that I had left over from when my leopards were babies. I sat with him while he ate and then he jumped straight into my lap and went to sleep. I was going to see La Dispute later at the East Brunswick club, so I called the Animal Hospital with great lament and took him down there. I named him Cutie and I really, really REALLY wanted to keep him. I've since called the hospital and he is doing well, his blue eye indicates he might be deaf in one ear but aside from that he's ok and they will look after him until he finds a home. I've been trying to think of every possible scenario that could allow me to keep him - but it's not likely. I'll keep in touch with the hospital to see how he is and if he finds a home, I've asked them to make sure he finds an extra extra nice person or family to care for him for the rest of his cute little life xxx