Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back home

Life in Melbourne is getting crazier and crazier - Cotton On Head Office by day / freelance clients by night / and then there's my non-work life to tend to... So I've taken this weekend to skip town and head down the coast to my Mum's at Mt Martha beach. The weather down here is perfect right now, the garden is growing more beautiful by the day and it's nice to get some time to see my family and friends, help out in the garden, go through old photos, and finally relax. Here's some pics from my time down here.
From the top:
-One of my favourite artworks that my Dad made before he died. He discovered a love of painting later in his life and our house exploded with amazing canvases that now adorn the walls and are another beautiful reminder of what an incredible person he was. I get so much peace from looking at his paintings, seeing all the brush strokes that he made and admiring his extraordinary ability to arrange colours.
-My Mum's kitchen is so cool. It's huge, and gorgeous. Food plays a massive part in our family's life so naturally we all gravitate towards this room. Many, many good dinners and subsequent parties have been had in this space. I painted the splashback, my attempt at a Klaus Haapaniemi  - I could never do his work justice - but it sure beats the uninspiring splashbacks available currently on the market.
-This is the view I wake up to when I stay at Mum's. I lay in bed for ages watching the sun come up and the birds bathing in the water. The occasional rabbit will hop past too - it's so SO beautiful.
-Going through old photos is something I rarely get to do, but it's a hell of a lot of fun looking back at our lives and the fun we had as kids. This tiny frame with my first school photo has been kicking around our house in different rooms, different drawers for years. It's battered and old but I love it. I was so excited to start school. I can't believe they'd put a five year old girl in a Windsor knot. Strict.

Here's to good times with our loved ones xxx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New work - Cotton On KIDS

Here's a couple of girls hoodies I designed that are now available from Cotton On Kids. The Folk heart is my favourite - almost makes me want to have babies so I can dress them up (that's a definite on the almost) xxx

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Work for Weet-Bix

If you grew up in Australia - then you probably were eating Weet-Bix at some point in your childhood - maybe now you still whip out the old blue, red and white box for a morning bowl. I've eaten a few of these little bricks in my lifetime so it was fun to work on this project helping them with the illustrations for their banners on the ever popular parenting website kidspot. Pictured is the main illustrations I completed, some type for one of the banners and the resulting webpage. There's alot going on in webpage - my work sits around the edges. xxx