Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back in time

I am in the process if giving my website a total revamp - which means going through my entire folio and choosing what stays and what goes, and what's to be added in. I found these paintings I did a number of years ago and was pleasantly surprised with how much I like them. Usually I look back on my previous work with more educated eyes and pick them apart with all the things I could have done better. Not in the case of these face studies. I love them. My work has moved on alot since I painted these, but since they haven't featured in my folio before - I think it's time to share them with you xxx

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My good friends over at Sweet Caroline in South Yarra have the cutest little courtyard at the back of their salon - so why not put it to good use and host an organic produce market?! The amazing team at SC commissioned me to create the logo and collateral for this new event - I LOVE how it's come together and they are equally stoked. Get your butt down to South Yarra on the 7th July for some earth friendly fun xxx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

AGDA Question Time June 19th 2012 Series 5 (VIC)

I'll be speaking on the panel at the next AGDA Question time event - presented by the amazing Seesaw design studio. Come along and stick me with your curliest questions!

Date: 19th June 2012  Time: 06:30pm

Every month, three creatives are invited to sit beneath the spotlight, be poked and prodded by your questions on all things professional. AGDA aims to promote open, stimulating dialogue between students, young designers and established professionals.

Eamo Donnelly Designer/Illustrator 
(Me!) Fleur Harris Designer/Illustrator
Kevin Blackburn Creative Director

DATE Tuesday 19 June at 6:30pm sharp. Limited seats, booking enquiries to vic@agda.com.au

VENUE Seesaw, 268 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne
COST Free entry to AGDA members / $25 entry to non AGDA members
Enquiries vic@agda.com.au 1300 043 310

Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting and decorating

I'm turning 30 in December. I don't have any issues with that, in fact, I'm rather excited. I love planning parties, it means I get to think about food, drinks, friends and confetti - all my favourite things. So I've started planning my party - 6 months in advance. This doesn't mean it's going to be the worlds greatest party, it just means I'll be super organised and have plenty of opportunities to make and bake things I've been wanting to make and bake for ages - all under the guise of 'practicing' for my party. Over the weekend that has just passed, I found myself in a junk store in Williamstown, buying up bags of polystyrene and tinsel ties. I got busy painting these featherlight little balls (a surprisingly difficult task to keep the whole surface evenly covered while it dries - although I think I have it figured now) and threading them onto some fluro nylon and securing them equal distances apart with the tinsel ties. I've ended up with a 5 meter long garland of glitter, fluros and brights - perfect for hanging across a room filled with my family and friends in 6 months time. xxx