Sunday, August 12, 2012

Risographica 2

Dave and I braved the rains and headed out to Lamington Drive for the opening of Risographica 2, which I wrote about in my last post. The space at Lamington Drive is amazing, a warehouse conversion with high ceilings and gorgeous timber finishes. If I could live in a space like this I would. The room was shoulder to shoulder with other rain-bravers, there to enjoy the Risograph prints by 37 of Jacky Winters artists - including me! I submitted one of my patterned flowers to be printed as a two colour print - the actual print is orange and gold - but the screen view of this doesn't capture the contrast so I've bumped the gold over to pink for the sake of this post. The artwork by all of the artists was beautiful, so many different illustrations all brought together by a 4 colour pallette, giving the show a beautiful synergy between all of the artists. My favourite piece was a purple and orange seagull print by Clemens Habicht. I don't have a picture of it for now, but you should definitely check out Clemens' work - amazing! The Risographica 2 prints are only $50 each, in editions of 10 - with proceeds going to Vision Australia. The show runs until September 29 2012 xxx