Sunday, September 9, 2012

Custom shoes for VANS

I'm SO excited to be working with the super amazing brand Vans on a set of custom shoes! Vans are hosting a kick ass event in Melbourne later in September, at which I'll be set up with my brushes, glues, rhinestones (my current obsession) and pens - working on a series of custom shoes and tote bags. There's some amazing creatives involved in this project - more info on all that to follow. For now I just wanted to share with you a test pair I created over the weekend for this project. I've called them my 'Crusties' - cos they're encrusted with some shit hot bling, with every piece glued into place individually. The neon melon and fushia are two of my favourite colours at the moment - and what's a pair of blinged out shoes without some gold shoelaces to tie them up...
High five team Vans! xxx