Monday, October 15, 2012

PRO TEAM - Faultlines

My brothers Anth and Gonz got together with their buddies from their old band Pro Team and put together a swag of new songs for their recently released EP Faultlines. This was a totally DIY job - recorded at my Mum's house and released without any representation from a record label. They hauled in me, the sister who comes in handy sometimes, to put together an artwork package that includes a website, itunes cover and 12" Vinyl cover. I loved working with the guys on this project - and everyone is stoked with the outcome.
I'm a punk rock kid at heart and I am really impressed with what Pro Team has come up with for Faultlines. The fact that they're my brothers doesn't sway my opinion either - if it sounded shit I'd have no problems saying so, but luckily for them it doesn't. It's rad. You can visit their site here where you'll find lyrics, and links to their itunes store and facebook page xxx