Sunday, December 15, 2013


I have been sucked away into a world of non-stop work! TASSEL+GAINE launched not even two months ago and is going bananas, we've have some fun press and are going into some beautiful stores - plus our online store is getting a whole lot of love. I can't believe how well received our cushions have been - such an exciting time! Laine and I are busily planning our next steps so stay tuned!
This weekend the sun was shining in Melbourne so I made the most of it and headed out into the backyard to work on a new painting for our kitchen. I wanted something bright and colourful that would let me use lots of pattern and collage - so I went for a crazy colourful budgie. He's hanging up above our island bench now and has made himself right at home. So weird to not be finishing this digitally as most of my work is done now - there's no hiding anything on canvas xxx

Saturday, November 9, 2013


I've been busily working behind the scenes on a mind-blowingly exciting project with the team at Cotton On Body and the one-and-only amazing Lara Bingle.

The collection launched instores around the globe and online last week and has just about sold out.
Lara has busted out some incredible work from her photo shoots for this collection, the shot below of her in the leopard one piece is just insane.
Instagram is going bananas with babes all over the planet posting which pieces of the collection they were able to get their hands on. It's great to see so many amazing young women getting excited about the product.
I'm so proud of the work I've contributed to this collaboration and to work with Lara was an absolute delight, her style is off the hook and her taste is impeccable.

I met yesterday in Sydney with Lara the team and went through her mood boards for the next collection and HOLY SHIT I'm excited for what's to come.

Love my job. xxx


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday drawing

After a massive week I decided to do as little as possible this weekend. That was all going very well until I tried to sleep in this morning (Sunday) and realized I'd quickly grown sick of not doing alot and needed to get up and get something done. I'm meeting a new client this afternoon so until then I've whipped up this little Bird encyclopedia-thingy illustration. I must say I'm a fan of that Cockatoo. Didn't expect to draw something I'd be so fond of this morning. A nice surprise indeed.  xxx

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am SO excited to let you know about a project I have been pouring my heart and soul into behind the scenes for the last few months with my design partner in crime Laine Fraser.

TASSEL+GAINE is now live and is the culmination of all of our design dreams coming true.
Laine's an incredible talent, and together we share an obsession with good design which has allowed us to run wild with creating our first range of homewares - starting with six double sided, digitally printed cushions.

All the artwork on our product has been made by one of us (or both of us in some cases) and can be mixed and matched across the range to create infinite combinations for you to tailor to suit your space.

Head over to the website to see our lookbook and online store. xxx


Monday, September 16, 2013

Paint and homewares

Here's a pic I took in my new studio of a painting I'm working on at the moment. I've been playing with some mediums that I haven't touched in a while, such as my beloved bag of paints. My infatuation with colour is nothing new, I could sit for hours exploring new colours and groupings, I love getting lost in a world of blues and pinks and oranges.
This painting marks a bit of a crossroads for me, there's aspects of my work that I'm moving away from and new projects that are really grabbing my attention and shifting my focus. My love for textile design is turning into a fully fledged obsession and this combined with my love of interiors has led me to work on a line of homewares with my design partner in crime Laine Fraser. This new venture of ours will be up and running in a few weeks. I've been caught up in the mad world of working a full time design job and starting a new business, hence my appalling effort at keeping this blog up to date - so thanks for sticking with me. I promise to blog the shit out of our new homewares label over the coming weeks xxx

Monday, July 22, 2013

Winter escape

It's Winter in Melbourne, and it's a good and proper Melbourne Winter at that. Totally freezing and occasionally warm. A total mindfuck when it comes to getting dressed everyday, but I love it all the same. I've been barely home, let alone at my computer - to be posting as much as I'd like on my little bloggie blog blog. I was up at Jamieson for my best friend James' 30th and  now Ive just come back from a weekend in Tasmania - we hit up MONA for the new Red Queen show and ate at just about every restaurant in Hobart. This weekend was all about food and relaxing - because I really REALLY needed to relax. The work/life balance concept is one I'm gripping onto by a few remaining threads - so it was time to put pens down and go and run through the frosty hills of our most Southern state. Tasmania is SO beautiful. Lots more getaways planned down there for sure. 
I've also been getting busy in our new house - painting skulls baby pink for the bedroom and making artworks for all the new rooms that we have to play with. I'm in heaven. 
I'm also not far off unveiling a new project I have been working on behind the scenes - if you love homewares as much as I love homewares you'll want to stay tuned for this one! xxx

Friday, June 14, 2013

I need more candles to burn at both ends!!!

Here's a little summary of why I've been a bit slack on the blog...

- Designed the prints for a swimwear range for **** ****** that will launch in November. (It's top secret until launch but you'll know her well!)

- Completely redesigned the entire Cotton On BODY labelling suite. Rather a mammoth task. You'll see this coming into stores around the globe and online in October.

- Designed all prints for October / November and the most part of December for Cotton On BODY.

- Custom made a pair of painted and blinged out Vans for the winner of the Vans / Shoeshine competition.

- Moved house.

- Had an amazing mini break on the Mornington peninsula with friends for the Queens Birthday long weekend. Might of got my kit off in the spa. Dunno.

- Spending every spare moment working away on a special new project with a fucking amazing designer... Why do I have to have so many secret projects on the go, this is such a boring post as I can't tell you anything!! Stay tuned.

And now I'm off to China and Hong Kong on Wednesday. A whirlwind trip but really looking forward to it. 

Hope you're well and happy xxx

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best day ever!

I'm not usually one to make a fuss over my own birthday, but since I was turning 30 I thought I might as well get all of my favourite people together and shower them with food and drinks and kisses and have a damn good party.
So, on the beautiful grounds of my Mum's house on the Mornington Peninsula - party we did.
We drank margaritas, ate an ongoing giant spread of deliciousness and group hugged on picnic blankets. Once the sun went down the night fairy in everyone came to life, as did the flower lights I crafted from vintage chandeliers, crystals and petals.
My best friend James, my Mum and my boyfriend Dave gave three of the most beautiful speeches and I was so moved by their loving words, I might have had a mini tear.
I can't describe how much love I felt from the moment the first guest arrived until the last ones left the next day - I have the most beautiful people in my life and to have them all with me to celebrate was a real blessing.

Here's some pics from the best day ever xxx

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cats - the new black

It's a well known fact that I'm a self confessed crazy cat lady. Always have been, always will be. They're so fluffy and cute and mental and funny. Best.
Right now, if you pay even the smallest amount of attention to the internet you'll know that cats are officially 'on trend', which is great for me as for as long as this fad lasts, my obsession with cats will make me seem fashionable - in fact, when it comes to cats - right now I'm Karl fuckin' Lagerfeld.

Once everyone has moved on from cats to unicorns (wait... that might already be happening) then I'll go back to being the crazy person that gets emotional looking at kittens and puts containers of water out in the streets for all the homeless cats on nights when it's really hot (yes I actually do that and I'm fine with it).

So for now, while I'm working on a whole lots of projects that I can't talk about yet because contracts are still being signed and so on and so forth... here's a quick sketch I did of a you-know-what. xxx

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sneak peek! Work in progress shots for the Shoeshine Mag cover

Illustration is fun. So much fun. I fucking love it. I go into a weird-concentration zone-coma-state when I'm working on something that I'm completely wrapped up in, which luckily for me is all of the jobs I work on because I have the coolest clients and best people to work with.
I get lots of questions from design students asking me about my process. The way I work differs between every artwork, so it's always hard for me to articulate a typical example of my work flow. For the last project that I posted about, the super fun illustration for Shoeshine magazine - I decided to pay a bit more attention to my process so that I could record the stages and share it with you.

So, from left to right... here we go:

Reference imagery is important, especially when working with branded product - as I want to stay true to the core elements of their product that make it so unique. Although a pair of Vans Classics is quite a streamlined design, the double stitching, fall of the laces and location of the logo pip are all important attributes to convey in order to make them look authentic. 
The brief from the marketing team was for me to replicate myself customizing a pair of Vans classics in the form of an illustration for the cover. I moved all of my typical tools, pencils etc onto a white sheet of paper and styled them to sit in a loose frame format around the shoes. I then had this little scene photographed, with my hand in it. I had about 20 photos taken and the one you see in the pic was the one with the most suitable composition for the cover.

I then import the image into Illustrator, and me and my wacom tablet go flat out for a few hours drawing up the line work to form the base of the illustration as a vector drawing. I make sure all my lines have the same characteristics to them for consistency. At this stage I start adding in extra elements to fill out the negative space. I didn't have reference pics for things like the playing card and the donut, I just drew them in afterwards. It's at this stage I send the image to the client for them to check that they're happy with it. I don't want to move past this stage and colour up until Ive got the line work confirmed.

The client loves the composition (yay!) so I can go ahead and colour up. I import the vector line work into Photoshop and using what feels like hundreds of layers, I gradually build up texture, color, shadows etc. I used alot of the Platypus brand 'teal' colour, which I was supplied a pantone for. I could use whatever colours I liked as long as that colour dominated and the image wasn't gender specific. This stage probably takes the longest, as I'm really fussy with colour and spend ages getting the balance right and making sure there's no colours beating up on the other colours. Bringing the right amount of tonal variation in so that it has a hint of depth but doesn't look ridiculous also takes some time. The whole time I'm keeping in mind that the Shoeshine header and some copy has to be added, so I leave some room at the top and around the sides for this. Otherwise the text will get lost and no one will be able to read it which would completely defeat the whole purpose.

I send this off and hip hip hooray - client loves it! We tweak a couple of minor things and then I package the file up for finished art and send it on it's merry way into the capable hands of the clients design team who then bring all their copy in and get it ready for print.

That whole thing takes the best part of 3 days - however because I do all my freelance work at night time while I'm at Cotton On during the day, I think I had split it out over about 7 nights. Vans and Platypus are pretty much the best client in the world so they are always a pleasure to work with.

Hopefully that gives you a nice little insight into the nitty gritty's of my process. Now get off this screen and go make some art xxx

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New work - a super fun collaboration with Platypus Shoes & Vans!

If you're a freaker for sneakers like I am - you'll be well associated with Australia's Platypus shoe stores. Stocking all the brands the cool kids love to wear, they are one shit hot brand. Which is why I was STOKED when they asked me to illustrate the cover of their latest instore magazine, Shoeshine . This issue of Shoeshine is now instores, and not only does it feature my illustration on the cover (and yes, that's my hand - I'll post some 'in the making of' pics soon!), but it also has a cracking competition where you can win a pair of Vans Authentics customised especially for you - by yours truly. I'll be chatting to you on the phone to discuss the winners design and then getting busy with my paintbrushes, glue guns - whatever it takes to make the most amazing Vans ever!
I'm SO excited to get to work on these shoes! Competition closes at the end of March and you can find out how to enter through their facebook page here. xxx

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home!!

I'm still jumping with excitement as I write this... we bought a house yesterday in Melbourne and it's the CUTEST place in the world - absolutely perfect!! It's a few km's from the CBD and has a studio overlooking the back garden which is a dream come true for me. After looking for about 5 months I was becoming very tired of the whole house hunting process, a total drainer. We bought that house at Auction (which was torture - I will avoid ever buying at an auction ever again) and when the 'gavel hit the gravel' (as the auctioneer enthusiastically put it) I just about burst into tears with relief and joy.
We move in on the 31st on May and I can't wait! I've been overwhelmed with all the kind words of support from family and friends when we told them - I think a house warming party is definitely in order to kick off this next exciting chapter of our lives xxx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bil Donovan Masterclass

I'm dying for to to be the 23rd & 24th of March 2013! I scored a coveted place in the sold out Bil Donovan Illustration Masterclass and I am SO excited!
Not only is Bil the Lecturer in Fashion Illustration at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and Artist-In-Residence for Christian Dior Beauty, Bil's client list includes high end brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue, Mercedes Benz and heaps more.
Illustration plays a major role in my career as a designer and is my life's passion, so the opportunity to meet and learn from this man is a real privilege for me. Cannot wait! xxx

Illustration by Bil Donovan, of course. xxx

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super fun summer collaboration with Vans!

I've be the worlds worst blogger... realising only tonight that it's almost been a month since I last posted. That is mainly thanks to me spending a couple of weeks in Bali and the lead up to that trip was mental getting everything prepared with all of my work before I went away, and the time since I've been back has been K-K-KRAZY.
But I'm here now, and very excited to give you a heads up about my latest collaboration with the amazing brand - Vans.
I've been doing some work with these guys and we're all feeling pretty excited about the shoes I've been customising for their special events - and this new set I've just done for the Vans tent at the Big Day Out is something I'm really proud of. If you're attending any of the Big Day Out festivals in 2013, head over to the Vans tent to check out the custom shoes created by both the amazing artist & tatooist Steen Jones and myself - and then get yourself busy in the Vans tent customising your own pair of Vans so you can be kicking it at the BDO in some serious swag.
The Shoes on the far left and second from the right and mine, and the other two awesome shoes are Steen's. Mine have started to cop a bit of a beating as they travel around Australia to all the festivals but it looks like there's still enough glitter left for them to bring the party to the Vans tent. There'll be glitter and rhinestones and paint and pens and more for you to customise shoes with - see you there! xxx