Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super fun summer collaboration with Vans!

I've be the worlds worst blogger... realising only tonight that it's almost been a month since I last posted. That is mainly thanks to me spending a couple of weeks in Bali and the lead up to that trip was mental getting everything prepared with all of my work before I went away, and the time since I've been back has been K-K-KRAZY.
But I'm here now, and very excited to give you a heads up about my latest collaboration with the amazing brand - Vans.
I've been doing some work with these guys and we're all feeling pretty excited about the shoes I've been customising for their special events - and this new set I've just done for the Vans tent at the Big Day Out is something I'm really proud of. If you're attending any of the Big Day Out festivals in 2013, head over to the Vans tent to check out the custom shoes created by both the amazing artist & tatooist Steen Jones and myself - and then get yourself busy in the Vans tent customising your own pair of Vans so you can be kicking it at the BDO in some serious swag.
The Shoes on the far left and second from the right and mine, and the other two awesome shoes are Steen's. Mine have started to cop a bit of a beating as they travel around Australia to all the festivals but it looks like there's still enough glitter left for them to bring the party to the Vans tent. There'll be glitter and rhinestones and paint and pens and more for you to customise shoes with - see you there! xxx